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Stike6 - the english premier soccer prediction challenge
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BONUS PRIZES of 6,000 and 25,000
Hit 25 points from 30 to win JACKPOT

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D Kirkpatrick receiving
3554 Jackpot prize,
24th August 2005

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about strike6 the english football premiership score prediction challenge

Strike6 is a brand new interactive football pools prediction competition. Six football matches are selected from the English premiership and entered onto a game card. The object of the game is to predict all six matches correctly to strike6.

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The concept of the game is for players to be able to:

  1. play on an individual basis by way of predicting scores
  2. as part of a team that can be set up by you
  3. compare results against your fellow team members
  4. compete against other teams in the league


There are many different ways of winning prizes with Strike6:

  1. the bonus prize of £6,000 is won by predicting 6 correct scores
  2. the bonus prize of £25,000 is won by predicting 6 correct scores and the first goal in a ten minute window
  3. weekly prizes for best 9 preditions on Strike6
  4. weekly prizes for best 3 predictions on Goal Strike
  5. a weekly jackpot for 25 points or better from 30 on Strike6
  6. monthly league prizes


Strike6 is a registered pools promoter which operates in the United Kingdom in accordance with the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Act 1963. The relevant supervisory authority is Mid Beds District Council, The Limes, Dunstable Street, Ampthill, Bedford, MK45 2JU.

Service Provider
Strike6 Limited
P.O. Box75,
SG18 0WH

Online Transactions

Online transactions are handled by Worldpay under their strict procedures ensuring your personal and credit details are securely protected. Standard Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to encrypt information prior to it being transferred over the Internet.


"I thoroughly recommend this game "Dave Armitage
The Horseshoes Pub
Blunham, Bedfordshire.

I was the Landlord of The Horseshoes pub where the strike6 game was played every week. Many of my customers played in this football challenge and our team had grown to around 20 regular members. Not all the team members were crazy about football but they loved participating and being involved in the atmosphere it creates.

Surprisingly it's not always the so called football experts that got the highest weekly scores. Football matches are debated before and after the games, hard luck stories are exchanged and a lot of ribbing goes on when score predictions go really badly. Instead of ordering a pint first when arriving at the pub after the weekend's matches have taken place, customers go straight for the notice board to see how they faired in that week.

Although prizes can be won, it's the participation that people loved and kept them playing. The pub-league aspect was especially popular as beating your fellow team mates was very satisfying ! If you finished at the bottom of your team's league then be prepared for a whole load of stick !!

I thoroughly recommend this game - it's simple, easy to understand with a really successful formula that everyone can enjoy and be part of.

This is a real value for money past-time where participation is the real buzzMathew Walker & Esther Casey
Landlords of The Cricketers
Ickleford, Hertfordshire

Our customers really enjoy this game. There is a lot of internal rivalry here where team members go all out to outscore each other. Many women play in our team where they take great pleasure in beating the male members and don’t let them forget it ! There’s great satisfaction when the women actually win a cash prize !

This game offers fun and competitiveness and it’s the talk of the pub after the matches have been played and results have been issued. It is really possible to win prizes with this game, even if it’s just a free go. The league and mini-leagues offer a new concept in football prediction challenges where it’s enjoyable for everyone and is a continued avenue of interest. This is a real value for money past-time where participation is the real buzz.


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