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BONUS PRIZES of 6,000 and 25,000
Hit 25 points from 30 to win JACKPOT
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D Kirkpatrick receiving
3554 Jackpot prize,
24th August 2005

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Fabulous Weekly and  Monthly Prizes and accumulating Jackpot -

Strike6 offer a National League challenge for all registered players. Cash prizes are awarded every month for the teams who finish top of the league.

Each month a new challenge starts afresh giving your team another great chance to finish top.

Once you are a registered player you are eligible to belong to a team.

A player must be elected to take control of a team and is responsible for entering all their team players. This lead person becomes the Team Captain.

A player can manage or belong to a single team only.

The player who achieves the highest points in a week gets their points put forward to represent the team in the National League.


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