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Strike6 Game

1. Prediction Game

1.1 You are required to predict the score of six premiership football games and enter your predictions on the game card provided. Example: (i.e. 1 - 0, 3 - 1 etc). Each entry will feature six games played on a weekend, Saturday and/or Sunday only.

1.2 The game card has 12 boxes. You must enter your predictions by filling in all the boxes with a score.

1.3 The forthcoming weekend matches will be entered on the website by 12:00 noon every Monday.

1.4 Entry will cost £1.00 for each entry of 6 predictions made.

1.5 In the case of premiership matches not being played, international games or other will be substituted in their place and all Terms & Conditions will apply thereto.

1.6 If a match is abandoned and not completed for whatever reason the score of that match shall be deemed to be the score at the time the match was abandoned.

1.7 If a match is postponed or moved to a day other than the Saturday/Sunday weekend, then that particular match will still count towards that week's game card but the result will be determined as follows. In the presence of our Accountants, a score will be randomly drawn and used as the final score for that particular match. It will be entered in the game card results and calculations made accordingly.The pools panel result will determine the result i.e home,draw or away win.

1.8 The final score of each match is deemed at the end of 90 minutes play plus injury time.

2. Points Allocation

2.1 Each entry of 6 predictions will be awarded points based on the following system.

Example - Prediction 3 -1

Points awarded as follows
Correct Result i.e. Home Win, Away Win or Draw 2 points
Correct Score i.e. 1-0, 2-0, 1-1, 1-2, etc. 3 point bonus
Correct Home or Away goals only 1 point bonus

Therefore a maximum of 5 points per game

3. Team & League Challenge

3.1 A team challenge is offered to all paid up players, at no extra cost.

3.2 Each player is eligible to enter the team challenge. A team can consist of one or more members with no upper limit. The more team members you have, the better chance of your team winning the monthly team league and prizes.

3.3 To enter a team you must first be a Registered player. A player must be elected to take control of the team and is responsible for entering all their chosen team players. This elected player is then known as the team captain. A team name must be chosen which will be listed in the league tables.

3.4 You are able to be in one team at any one time. If you wish to move teams you must instruct your team captain to remove your details. If the team captain wishes to change or leave a team, a replacement player must be appointed to take over as captain.

3.5 When a team member has entered their own personal predictions for that week, this information will automatically be transferred to the team. Once team members have made their predictions your team will be logged in the national league table. You may invite other players to join your team, in which case, the team captain must update the team details.

3.6 If a team member does not enter predictions for any particular week, they will not be registered in their team for that week.

3.7 Once each team member’s points are calculated, the team member with the highest points for that week, gets their points put forward to represent the team in the national league. At the end of each month the points are added together and the teams with the highest amount of points will be awarded the league prizes.

3.8 Team prizes will be awarded to the team captain. The team captain is responsible for distributing funds between team members accordingly.

4. Mini-Leagues

4.1 The mini-league is a weekly personal competition between the players in each team. You will be able to view a weekly report analysing individual results.

4.2 The most recent week’s prediction scores will be available to view together with the accumulative season’s predictions.

4.3 No prizes are offered for the mini-league, just knowing that you beat your fellow team members !


Goal Strike - Time Prediction Game

1.1 You are required to predict the time of the first goal scored in the game selected for the competition in minutes and seconds. Nearest guess only required to win.

1.2 Online you use the two drop down menus to enter your minutes and seconds guesses.

1.3 By SMS you must text the word Goal followed by a four digit number e.g 2332 for 23 minutes 32 seconds to 88222.

1.4 Entries received by us after the cut off for the game will be entered into the following games competition.

1.5 The forthcoming game will be entered on the website by 12.00 noon every Monday.

1.6 Entry will cost 0.50 for each entry made online and 1.00 for the text game as we have to pay the mobile networks approximately 50p for each entry.

1.7 If a game is postponed or moved to another day then the entries will carry over to the next selected game.

1.8 The time of the first goal will be that shown by the TV networks as the exact time scored.

1.9 Play will continue until the final whistle therefore for goals scored after 90 minutes the clock is still running, i.e we could have a result of 93 mins 33 secs.

1.10 The Half time clock also continues to run past 45 mins, i.e a goal scored in the first half in 46 mins 10 secs will stand as that time not 45 mins 00 secs. Therefore guesses between 45 mins and 50 mins have a double chance as the second half clock starts again at 45 mins 00 secs.

1.11 In the event of a 0-0 score prizes are not won and roll over to the following week.

1.12 By entering 00 mins 00 secs you are assuming the score will end 0-0 and this means the main prizes are NOT won and roll over to the following week. 00 mins 00 secs is only used to win the bonus prize of 25,000 as detailled below.

1.13 To win the 25,000 bonus prize your time prediction is placed in one of 9 ten minute windows. (i.e 0-10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30 etc) So, for example, if you guess 12 mins 12 secs. Your ten minute window for the bonus prize is 11 to 20 minutes. To be precise 10 mins 01 secs to 20 mins 00 secs.

1.14 If you think there will be no goals you can guess 00 mins 00 secs. 00 mins 00 secs is taken as a prediction for a no score draw 0-0 only.

1.15 00 mins 01 secs is taken as the first goal time prediction for the Goal Strike Game.

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